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When this is not the case^ the izäfa must be used ex: fc.,i L,'e Si ► s I «111 Sil 17 -ä Ji •= S . S « 1 1 a la - 2 a i ► I £ s i .9 1 1 If •c 1 1 1 3 1 •g •s 1 5) » s ? Of these arabic ordinals j^t avval the first, is used in dates, ex. ^ man 1 Lo mä we j3 tu thou Uä «Aumä you ^t fi he , she , it o*^^ ^^^ ^^^7* GRAMMAR. The former of these two forms is the more frequent one in ordinary conversation. In order to avoid this identity, the perfect of the subjunctive is used instead of the present, ex.: ^L «X«i#b dashia bäsham I may have. They have also been appointed OFFICIAL ENGLISH AGENTS AND PUBLISHEES to the ASIATIC SOCIETT OF BENGAL, THE IMPERIAL ACADEMY OF ST. their MANUSCRIPTS for publication before sending them elsewhere. MONTHLY LISTS issued regularly and sent gratis on application.

q I-a^ v L« ^i avval-i mäh'i Bamazän the first of the month of Bamazan. 25 The second person singular yi tu thou, is used in speaking to inferiors only, especially to servants. In order to form the accusative j K rä is added to the pronoun: |«4 JU A^ito^ mäl-i hakim the doctor's book. The Reflexive Pronoun in classical Persian is o^ khud. When ^yi: K^ ^[^^^Ua mikhaham bigütjam 1 want to say. a: £: "^ ^ 2 g S S I 5 ° I S I 'S ^ -a 1l 3 5 1 1^1^ -) -» -71 4 i. Si it it is ■3 'S 5 'S ä a - = s T ' 3 |3 -a S ■« s Ä 2 2 " -Sf ll I ff -111 ES 'g ._ s 'g -a 5 ; DIALOGUES. PETSBSBUSO, and THE UNIVERSITT OF CHICAGO, and keep all Works published by the above Society and University in stock.

3) If several adjectives form attributes to the same noun , they are connected by the izafa unless they are connec- ted by the conjunction 3 ra, and ex: v L^ is^r^ V*-^' * • » ^^^^ asp'i ^arabi-yi siäh-i khübl a good black arab horse. The p ^ ^Lu ^^j^ ^^ *xä/ Crufta büdam chun btäyi gham-i dil hä tu higüyam^ Chi bigüyantj ki gham az dil biravad chün tu bläyu I had meant when thou shonldst come, to tell thee the sorrow of my heart. 373 rice (plain boiled) ^ chilou — (cooked with meat ar id spices) ^U pilou rich VI^J^l) L ba doulat riches \a/Jy^ doulat to ride c^^^ Jr** savsr shudan rider ^ym savar ridiculous tik^U2a4 muzhik rifle Qj *J^ li Ciaj tufang-i gulnla-zan right \Zi/*^' utaq root rope blkh, i Tsha tansb ro Bary ^^fi'^' tasbih to rot (lt J? pasidan (pns) round gird rough j\y^ n B-harnv Sr row i^*0 saff to row C^) i M psm ladan royal Lf*^ shshi » q%j U^ humsynn 1 ^^Lyi mubftrak to nib (JU) ^j Xj^ malidan (msl) ruby cyb yaqut rude ^' (^ bl-adab ruffian u^ Int T - (plur) iyi alvat ruin ^t-^ kharabl — (building) ^*j^ kharaba to ruin c^/ v»r^ kharab kardan rule r-; rasm to run (5^) 0^5^ davidan (dou) ruek (Europ) L^r^ o^ nan-] sakharl — (Persian) d Ji^ ^Ü nan-i khushk met vi Uj zang rusty v^( i^Ci^ zang-aluda rye •• r gandum-i Bi Bh sack S. 377 seam u O darz season ,y*^ fasl seat ^A^ nishlroan to seat (^Lm J) qv Xj U^ nishsndan (nishsn) second ajj*^ dayum — (arable) ^^L3 s Eni second (sixtieth part of minute) ju JLj; ssnia secret : K rttz secretary ^^^^^A munshi — (of legation) o.

J^ji Lf^^ '-^-^ ^j^ A:öÄ-t buland-% sangi-yi harfdar a high, rocky, snow-covered mountain. What shall 1 say, since sorrow flees from my heart when thou comest. Some parts of the verh are almost ohsolete in modem Persian and are only occasionally used in speaking. Lä^ V^."-^ nsyib-i saferat sect &d J firqa secure «^^ft^U mahfaz sedition c jud S seraglio Q3y X)i andamn sergeant d^y vakil sermon Jtic^ va""!

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Further-more an alphabetic vocabulary has been substituted for the tabulated collection of useftil words contained in the German edition. But it was under the foi^ign rule of the Turkish dynasties of the Ghaznevide and Seldjuk kings and their successors the Atabegs that Persian literature attained its highest develop- ment.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Since publishing the "Neupersischer Sprachführer" a residence of six years in Persia has enabled me to make many corrections and amplifications. the Shah of Persia during his Tour through Europe in A. It so far influenced the turklsh conquerors as to render them instrumental in spi^ading Persian thought and speech over a great part of Asia. When they first invaded Ir&n under Jangiz Khan they had at- tempted to extirpate from its soil the inhabitants together with their civilization.

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

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0-position ex: wb bäb gate, v3^ al the, (^^3 v Odl valley (3^[^t U^ häh dl v Oäi, the gate of the valley, l Xj yai hand v X«.^^ v Xi yad Muhammad the hand of Muhammad. 15 The great number of arabic titles now used in Persia are all formed in the same way, by mere juxtaposition , i. without the izäfa , ex : Jati .i Xo sadr a^zam most high chief, grand vizier. 1 Ji^ hasht 8 1 • «J nuh 9 L v^ dah 10 tl »^j U yäzdah 11 ir daväzdah 12 If sizdah chahärdah 13 14 to t O^b punzdah 15 11 (O^Lä shumdah 16 Iv • • hlvdah 17 ! bist 20 rt bist u yak 21 rr y 3 o^^*^ bist u du 22 rr IUm 3 Ci^-*^ bist u si 23 If jl«- 3 •'"•"^ ^' ** c^a As»- 24 ro ^ s w«-*J ^* « panj 25 n Ji Jl. I; P hazörhä thousands, ts Li tskj yak yak or e)uj A^, yak hi yak one by one, j ^o (2u &« du by twos, etc. 43 conyersing, ^U^ i-Xxi v Xx I lund lund kunän murmuring, q Lm^ q L^ k(i8hän kashän dragging. The Preterite is used in narrating events which follow close on one another. z25 I 111 ll Pi^i illf^i -säg i_, £-^^ *«2s S — äi S^j •iss^'l,-? ^^, ..^U^ ntm-takht, nlm-kat soft C^ narm sojourn o«Aäf iqtimat solar ^_^-^ Bbaras I soldier j Wr aarb Sz some Jiijn^, U j-i^ cband ta, chand nafar ^l PERSIAN GRAMlf AR. Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. To this day Persian is not only spoken at all the courts of India , but it is to a certain extent the official language of the Indian Foreign Office in its dealings with the native Princes, and it is taught in all the middle-class schools throughout Northern India. Being a Treatise, Lexicographical and Grammatical, from Manuscripts in Berlin, London, Paris.