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That would be a shame for Heather Wyatt, who has just transferred from her old school, where she was a star, and is eager to join the squad. Julie and her friends promise to keep the killer's secret. First, her understudy is injured in a suspicious accident. Emily wants to forgive and forget, but the nightmare has started all over again. That's weird -- Josh never mentioned he was going away.There’s only one other girl who stands in her way―rich, spoiled Devra Dalby, who is also trying out for the one open slot. Then, a speeding car almost kills her Selena doesn't know what this psycho wants.... She learned a terrible secret, and now her friends know it too. More She's over the murderous rage that made her try to kill her sister Emily last year. It gets even weirder when Holly suddenly disappears. Because Lucy is using Nicole's body to get away with murder!Inside, the card showed a coffin with the inscription "Reserved For You." It was perfectly fitting for an all-night Halloween party on Fear Street.But Terry and his girlfriend Niki wondered why they had been invited. For Terry and Niki the trick-or-treating has turned to terror. The recent headlines about a Fear Street prowler had everyone on edge. If Melissa doesn't solve the mystery fast, these questions will haunt her--to death!When Rachel arrives at the island, a scavenger hunt turns up some horrifying surprises. Well, at least she doesn't have to take care of her little brother and sister. Chrissy seems like the perfect babysitter -- so kind and trustworthy. Bobby had better figure it out, or his double fun will become double terror.Soon, Rachel has to fight to survive the deadliest game of all -- the game of murder. More Sneaking out every night to join her friends in a series of pranks, Diane becomes alarmed when her boyfriend, Lenny, plays a joke on a hated teacher that proves fatal, and she realizes that her and her friends have gone too far. He's the new star of Shadyside High's football team. But Amanda soon discovers Chrissy's terrible secret. More It's just a bad dream -- but it seems so real. But then the murders begin, and it starts to look like dating Ross means flirting with a gruesome and untimely death. That's what Claudia Walker had in mind when she accepted her friend Marla's invitation to spend the weekend at her Cliffside beach house.

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More It's Cindy's birthday, and her friends are throwing her a surprise party on Fire Island. The room has been locked and boarded up for at least a hundred years. "Red" Porter was a stranger they'd met on their ski weekend. Emily wants to like her stepsister, but it hasn't been easy.

It's a private party -- no parents, no cops..fact, no one around for miles. A murder was committed in that room, the story goes, and it has been closed up ever since. But she thinks she hears footsteps inside the secret room. Someone--or something--is waiting for Lea in there. But Ariel Munroe, Doug Mahr and his girlfriend Shannon Harper were grateful he was there when they set out for home on the icy roads. He spotted the hilltop lodge when they were stranded by the blizzard. As soon as Jessie moves in, she takes over Emily's room, steals Emily's clothes, and lies to everyone.

Until Brady starts to see a strange figure -- with a terribly scarred face -- following him everywhere. She just scored the lead in her high school play, and everyone adores her.

But it's no fun at all when Della gets lost in the woods, and the dangerous stranger appears, whispering threats, driving her to a violent act.

Suddenly all of her friends are involved, prisoners in a conspiracy of silence, trying to conceal the terrible truth. And he's threatening them all, forcing them back to Fear Island to find the evidence they forgot to bury... But when she heard that Ellen was returning for a visit, Meg had the answer: she'd bring them all together again with a surprise party for Ellen! She's pale as a ghost, blonde and eerily beautiful -- and she seems to need him as much as he wants her.

When Lisa finds out that a neighbor is looking for a babysitter for her little boy, Lisa jumps at the chance to keep busy and take her mind off of her troubling thoughts. But Rachel Martin has a crush on Brendan and is excited to be invited. But one game no one planned intrudes on his party the game of murder. She should have realized that nothing is as it seems on Fear Island. And every night the girl in her dream cries out for help. But when the terrifying dream starts to come true and the gruesome accidents begin, staying awake is the real nightmare! The week of "fun in the sun" has turned dark and deadly! More Chelsea Richards is shy, lonely, and looking for love. Soon there are two new boys in town, and both ask her out. Lizzie Mc Vay realizes that someone is murdering the five Prom Queen candidates one by one -- and that she may be next on the list!


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