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28-Feb-2016 14:20

Human sexuality is not only necessary for the survival of the species; it is a great source of pleasure, intimacy, and inspiration for many adults.

Yet the intimacy and beauty of sex can be undermined by sex addiction, a disorder that causes an unhealthy obsession with seeking, observing, or engaging in sexual activity.

According to Web MD, the therapeutic approaches used to treat impulse control disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are often applied to the treatment of sex addiction.

These approaches may include medication, individual therapy, support groups, 12-Step programming, trauma therapy, and other research-based modalities.

In addictive disorders, including alcohol or drug dependence, the brain’s reward pathway becomes a means of reinforcing harmful behaviors that trigger the same neurotransmitters.

For sex addicts, the release of dopamine that occurs after a sexual experience may resemble the euphoric rush of a chemical high.

Also known as hypersexual disorder, sex addiction is a condition marked by fantasies or urges that consume excessive amounts of time and resources.

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Like other positive, life-affirming behaviors — eating, exercising, and falling in love are similar examples — sex can become an addiction if the need for sexual gratification begins to take precedence over other needs, responsibilities, or values.

Substance abuse, in particular, is very common in individuals with sex addiction.

Drugs or alcohol may be used to release inhibitions, to overcome feelings of shame and guilt, or to soothe feelings of depression.

(DSM-5); however, people who struggle with this condition are aware that it is all too real.

The popularity of support groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous, a 12-Step program for people seeking freedom from sex addiction, and the growing availability of rehab programs for sex addicts offer evidence of the widespread need for treatment for this disorder.

People who grew up in a household where one or both parents displayed addictive behavior were significantly more likely to experience sex addiction as adults.