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It was developed by Aimo Lahti and put into service in 1932. A distinctive feature of M/32-33 is a snow filling cap to the water jacket that was later copied on 1941 version of Soviet Maxim M1910/30.

The Type 24 Heavy Machine Gun is the Chinese variant of the Maxim, and can be identified by the muzzle disk mounted on the barrel just ahead of the water jacket.

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In August 1941 large stocks of PV-1s, removed from obsolete planes, were converted to triple anti-aircraft mountings, designed by Fedor Tokarev.

Earlier versions were marked Maxim-Nordenfelt, while later British production versions were instead marked as Vickers, Sons & Maxim (VSM) after Vickers bought out Maxim-Nordenfelt in 1897.

These weapons could penetrate an inch of cast iron plate at 100 yards in the ground role, and proved extremely effective against early aircraft: however, they were practically useless against Zeppelins, since the rounds they fired were delay-impact-detonated and so would have to hit the steel frame of the airship or they would simply pass straight through it.

Maxim-Tokarev (MT or sometimes M-T) is a Soviet light machine gun, based on Maxim M1910.

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It was designed by Fedor Tokarev in early 1920s and put into service in 1925.

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