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23-Jan-2017 14:07

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Think about it: if you’re standing and chatting to two people, one of whom you like more, you’re subconsciously (or perhaps even consciously) going to stand near the one you prefer, or lean in more proactively. Likewise, if a girl doesn’t like you, she will aim to position herself as far away from you as possible. Talk to other girls, and if the sense of competition doesn’t attract her back to you, then it won’t matter anyway.

More careful management of distance occurs during dating, and if you’re already at a pre-ordained place, she’s obviously not going to sit at the other side of the room.

You know when you earn a spot in a girl’s bad books, and you ask how she is ten minutes later and get a ‘fine’ but her eyes, tone of voice, body posture, and distance all suggest that she wants to throw things at you?

That is the non-verbal communication definition in motion.

Time, repetition, and constant patience will see successful application in the field.

As your confidence grows, so too will confident body language and non-verbal communication skills.

You have to gauge things like how far back in her chair she’s sitting, or whether she’s leaning in.

These are hallmarks of confidence and attractiveness.But dating is an interaction with a physical aim (regardless of how much substance you’re looking for) that non-verbal communication skills are nothing short of a survival kit in the world of seduction.To understand the impact of non-verbal communication in the world of dating, it’s important to first think about what communication is at its core.Communication is defined as at least two entities sending and receiving information to each other.

Those entities can be phones, four thousand Macbooks, three gibbons, or you and a girl at the bar.

There’s another article on the site that emphasises body language, and especially reading it, in more detail.

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