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24-Jun-2016 04:35

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Next time, keep this in mind Narender Mitti : sir, we have been in love since 7 years, but now is saying that she want some more time to marry me. I tried to cut off the contact with him many a times bt he always convinced me to continue the chat. Love Guru: Shalini Sharma, cutting off contact with someone cannot be as difficult as you make it sound.

Why don't you get the message and get away from her? I feel threatened about the misuse of legal approaches if I take step towards freeing myself from this marriage. Love Guru: Srini, whether you like it or not we live in a law-governed society.Except to say that hopefully someday you will realise what true class is. Dating Eastern European women seeking men for relationships, marriage, or romance is exciting with Elenas direct contact.The law governs everything we do, marriage, birth, death, divorce.

I am afraid there is no other way to go about divorce other than the legal one.

Asif Hossain : What is the best way to know that a particular girl also loves you with ought saying verbally.what r the indications for that Love Guru: Asir Hossain, your question shows you have never experienced it.