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25-Mar-2016 09:34

I just get sick - as anybody does, I'm sure - of commercials that air again. I think it's interesting when commercials "change" after they are released, presumably because of negative reaction.For example, the cell phone commercial where the mom and daughter are so tearful they need subtitles has been changed so that you can now understand them - no subtitles.Now they costar with Alec Baldwin in ads and make jokes about traveling together to Hawaii. Why do companies hold on so tightly to themes that have lost their original intent? I'm old enough (yes, probably could be considered an eldergay) when commercials used to simply tell you what the manufacturer's models had and the gas mileage.Now ads either show you cars speeding on ice lakes or seas of fire, driving up walls or backwards at 200 miles per hour -- all with the disclaimer "Profession driver on a closed course.I haven't seen one yet that wasn't completely annoying.They finally made one sort of OK in latest one with Samuel L. The latest (as I type this) Progressive ad with Flo "at work" with a plumber, a truck driver, working in an Asian food truck etc. She's out of the virtual Progressive "store" and gets to show some comic acting ability.There's one now with two candidates having a debate; one guy is having intestinal issues.

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"The ad for Optimum Wi Fi where the guy is on the train platform on his laptop and the guy next to him is complaining how he's over his limit on his provider.

Now all they show is a shorthened version which focuses on her skill. Why don't they just shill Leah Rimini incontinence panties and expand their market?

Those god damned pooping cartoon bears, their bear asses covered in bear poop smeared bits of toilet paper. Similar to R86, what's the deal with companies modifying their original campaign to accomodate new ones even if the fit is awkward? Years ago, the barbarians were the joke--they were the physical representation of how bank fees "rape and pillage" your wallet.

Her current bf (Kanye West) is fake, to get her in the news again.

These celebrity couples are all smoke and mirrors for publicity. The ad for the "Stop Smoking" campaign that cuts in horrific shots of open heart surgery, with a beating heart in a wide open chest. but I can't handle 'real-life' blood and guts.[quote]All the Siri commercials suck.

Do not attempt." -- or they are so stupid such as one of the latest where one group of car dealers phone a competitor and then giggle. The inventor is the star of the commercial and he is an annoying lump of flesh.

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